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Monday, August 29, 2016

Space Preservation Act: BAN CHEMTRAILS: H.R 2977 :STOP The WEAPONIZING of SPACE

Space Preservation Act: BAN CHEMTRAILS: H.R 2977 :STOP The WEAPONIZING of SPACE

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secretary of Defense on Biotech, Chemtrails and Security Measures

The story, at least part of it! Pass it on! Terrorism  gone viral.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas Snipers Kill 5 cops, 11 Cops wounded LIVE by Michael Bautista: Di...

Michael Bautista

Michael Bautista ended being at the Black Lives protest in Dallas when the shooting started..........he stayed in the city and continued filming, posting to his Facebook page. Because it was late at night in the USA, MILLIONS of people aroundthe world ended up viewing this. The next thing you know, CBS, CNN, and FOX wanted to interview him because he go better footage than they did.

Most of the readers and You Tube viewers do not believe that the event was real, calling it a False Flag event.
False Flag Terror. Order Out Of Chaos. Crisis Actors.
что за дебил так снял

Camilles Reels 
I say it was a 'false flag' operation and that professionals did the sniping, and they purposely killed a man and later blew his body up so that a "dead man could tell no tales". This was done so that the Republican and Democrat conventions can now be armed with military-like police forces. You KNOW this is true.

Dallas Police Officers say there was more than one sniper, using parts of downtown Dallas as a kill zone for the sole purpose of targeting and killing police officers.  email us at

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chemtrails: Brief History Exposed

Peter Kirby has uncovered more about the chemtrails and the NEW MANHATTAN PROJECT than most researchers in the field. . He has connected the dots on the weather warfare, and the idea that our military would be the only faction of government that could possibly put at end to these secret programs, allegedly funded by the banking cartel. He has also proven that the military was the creator of the weather modification project.

Be sure to read  article :

See Mr. Kirby's article on ACTIVIST POST :

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chemtrails, SECRET MILITARY Programs,TRIANGULAR CRAFT w/ Sean Gautreaux


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YouTube Channel: IndustrialSurrealism
Sean G. on Facebook  WHAT IS IN OUR SKIES?

This interview is an excerpt from original Interview with FM Host of the ZERO POINT SHOW, Clyde Lewis The entire interview can be found here:

Why has the military become so focused on ...
• Hardened protection for Satellites from the Pentagon and DoD
• GPS Jamming/Testing via China Lake Naval Facility (June 7.               9,21,28, & 30th)
• Earthquake Drills (.e. Cascadia Rising June 7-11, 2016)
• Beefing up Space Fence
• Electronic Warfare testing
• Communications testing (Wireless, internet, cellular data)

Sean's You Tube  channel exposes exotic technology in our skies, such as the stealth triangular, cloaked craft that are sometimes as large as city blocks or more. The videos were recorded in New Orleans, LA. from 2005 to present 2016.

THE TRUTH DENIED  Chemtrails, HAARP, GEOENGINEEERING, Morgellons and other  NWO  Clandestine projects.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chemtrails and the Military

The claims in this video are VETTED FACTS. Unlike many in the truth movement, we don't make it up! Please pass it on! All footage provided by John Brinsko! All footage provided by Mr. John Brinsko. Join him on Facebook for more extraordinary chemtrail planes and footage.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Earth Shifting with 20 Earthquakes in 2016; Talk of Pole Shift & related to chemtrails

Earth Shifting with 20 Earthquakes in 2016; Talk of Pole Shift & related to chemtrails


·           Magnetic north has shifted 248.548 miles in 10 years and  continues to accelerate.
·           Increased global volcanic activity in 2016, including mysterious Yellow Stone Park’s recent “off-line” activity.
·           The largest volcano in the world, Mauna Loa (Hawaii) projecting 13,677 feet above sea level, its top being over 30,000 feet above the deep ocean floor, has been erupting for over 30 years continuously.
·           In 2016, The Defense Contract Management Agency allocated over 6000 billion dollars to provide the Department of Defense (DoD) with capabilities not found in the Component Services, or anywhere else within Government.
·           2015 , Kīlauea Volcano breaks out of theEast Rift Zone, where surface lava flows are active northeast of the Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent, an event that has not happened this close to the ocean in over 400 years.
·           Increased Earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire.
·           USGS and NASA reported a new magma chamber beneath Yellowstone National Park that is 11 times the volume of the Grand Canyon. Concerns of a magma release that would destroy the entire North American continent as well as trigger new ice age in its wake.
·           Mystery Booms thought to be caused by the earth’s core, signaling an inevitable instability of earth’s core.Fisherman report loud sounds coming from the ocean/some describe as screeching while others report train like noises under the ground.
·           Increase in the intensity of solar winds causing CMEs that  have a stronger outbound effect on earth increasing radiation which is heating the planet.
·           Earth’s magnetic field is decaying rapidly, signaling normally redirected materials to actually enter earth’s atmosphere causing more instability. It is reported that earth’s magnetic field was weakening 5% per century, but now is weakening 5% per decade.
·           Radiation Storms, including geomagnetic storms and solar flares (CME) interrupt HF radio communication.This has become a global concern.
·           Geoengineering (SRM) being sprayed as a possibility to slow down the heating of the planet; program has been extended world wide.